Ariana got real relief from scoliosis

Starting at age seven, Ariana’s parents were taking her to doctors for her scoliosis. They wanted to avoid surgery, and without it she wasn’t improving.

By age 17, her spinal curvature was still a big problem. She had no energy or stamina and was not enjoying normal teenage activities.

When Dr. Jeff Saffir first met Ariana, her scoliosis was painful and isolating. She was depressed. He knew he could help her using Dr. Jesse’s Advanced BioStructural Correction™ methods.

Look at her amazing progress over five visits and four treatments!

Three images of the side view of a teenage girl standing in front of a grid in a medical office. In the first picture, orange dots on her head, shoulders, hips, knees, and feet show how twisted and out of alignment her body is. In the next two pictures she is gradually straighter.

Like every person photographed, Ariana was instructed to “relax and slump.” Her postural improvements are tied directly to Dr. Jesse’s protocol and not to muscular effort.

Dr. Saffir points out how much Ariana’s gravity line improved – “her entire body has come back several inches.”

After the successful treatment, Ariana was amazed at her ability to be more active.

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