About Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz

Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz is known worldwide for his breakthrough body manipulation method – Advanced BioStructural Correction™ .

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Privately trained in mechanical engineering and trained as a chiropractor knowing anatomy, and traditional bone manipulation, Dr. Jesse was distressed that what he was taught did not work consistently or predictably and did (does) hurt people. When he said so publicly the chiropractic profession attacked him. The short story is:

Dr. Jesse used his engineering training to research and discovered that no one knew the basic reason bodies go bad on a structural basis. He used standing and sitting full spine x-ray in multiple positions and discovered things about the body and spine that no one else even thought to look at. From those discoveries, besides finding exactly how chiropractors and others cause things like strokes and other body problems – when he said that publicly in the mid1980s is when the attacks started. – Anyway, besides finding how chiropractic and other forms of manipulation hurt people, Dr. Jesse found the BASIC REASON bodies go wrong. From that he developed a protocol of manipulation completely different from chiropractic and everything else that consistently and predictably succeeds in correcting bodies.

That is why in a thorough search of the world you will find no one else except Jesse and his ABC students who claim that human bodies will stay upright all on their own with excellent posture –
and then actually have it happen starting with the first visit.

What’s truly incredible is that anyone can learn this method with a week of full-time study and plenty of physical practice doing the maneuvers on bodies. With that week of full-time study you will be up and practicing and, even as a beginner, helping people more than anyone else doing any kind of mechanical body work.

And, especially in the US, if you have people sign join a Private Member Association you can practice without interference from any government agency. Contact us for more information on this. Dr. Jesse does get attacked for informing people of how they can escape the medical and chiropractic baloney and have bodies that are healthier than anyone imagines.

Other methods of physical body work from traditional physical therapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, massage, and other methods are known to sometimes work, sometimes not work, and sometimes cause harm.

The Brand New Body System by Jesse works consistently and predictably to deliver the fantastic results only occasionally delivered by others. Why? Because Dr. Jesse did full spine standing and sitting x-rays and discovered how other types of manipulation can hurt people (something the chiropractors attacked him for saying) and why they only work sometimes while harming people or having no effect other times. Dr. Jesse explains why this is so in his “How and Why the Brand New Body System Works” video.

Now, Dr. Jesse is making is making the Brand New Body System by Jesse accessible to everyone with an online course proven to teach effectively. People worldwide have successfully used the online course to start practicing the Brand New Body System. That means you can treat your family and friends with Dr. Jesse’s easy-to-learn methods that are more effective than anything a doctor or other practitioner can do.

If you have a question about that, do the FREE  Brand New Body First Rib Maneuver™ course. 

Here is what Dr. Jesse wants you to know

Everyone tells you you need to work your muscles and hold your body up to have good posture. IT IS NOT TRUE! I will prove that to you with that FREE Brand New Body First Rib Maneuver™ course. Doing the Brand New Body by Jesse First Rib Maneuver™your shoulders will IMMEDIATELY not slump forward. Posture and good health are intimately related. You can read about that anywhere on the Internet. However, the only one claiming to improve body posture with NO EXERCISE AND NO PHYSICAL EFFORT BY YOU is Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz.

Prove Dr. Jesse right or wrong yourself by doing the FREE  Brand New Body First Rib Maneuver™ course and using it on yourself and others.

When you take the Brand New Body System by Jesse course, you can get your body, your family’s bodies, your friends bodies and even others’ bodies healthier than they ever have been.

Publications by Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz

  • “Everybody’s Guide to Unwinding: Your Path to Recovery”
  • “Advanced BioStructural Correction™ Manual I for Correcting Bodies”
  • “Advanced BioStructural Correction™ Manual II for Correcting Bodies”
  • “How and Why ABC Technology Consistently and Predictably Corrects Body Problems”
  • “How to Sit, Sleep and Stand Without Ruining Your Body”
  • “Iatrogenic Subluxation and Increased Disc Pathology in a Patient with L5 Disc as Predicted by Full Spine Biomechanical Analysis”
  • “Changes In Standing And Sitting Spinal Configurations Following Spinal Manipulation: A Case Study”
  • “Biomechanical Analysis of the Spine: An Expanded View at a More Accurate Diagnosis Toward More Effective Treatment”

the first rib maneuver

This easy method pops your shoulders back and improves your posture instantly and painlessly. You will feel healthier than you could imagine, with no exercise. This is the natural, at home back pain relief you've been looking for.

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