Told by his Advanced BioStructural Correction™ practitioner, Vaibhav Bawa, owner of True Healing & Wellness in Emlenton, Pennsylvania.

I met Dave Yeany, the largest maple producer in his tri-county Western Pennsylvania region, when my wife and I started a chocolate shop.

Being a maple producer is hard physical work. Out in the woods, he’s tapping maple trees and collecting sap to be boiled. He’s packaging and hauling around products to retail businesses and farmer’s markets. In his spare time, he’s also an avid trapper, hunter, and camper.

Four members of the Yeany family stand in front of the sign for Yeany's Maple.
Yeany’s Maple is the largest maple producer in a tri-county area of Western Pennsylvania. Years of hard work had left Dave Yeany’s knees in poor shape and his spine twisted up to compensate. He had severe back pain and poor posture.

One day, we were picking up products for our shop. I’d known Dave for 12 years, but I’d never seen him like this. He was carrying cases of maple syrup but was limping and waddling, completely twisted up.

It turns out his knees had been gradually failing for over a decade. By the fall of 2021, he was ready for surgery because the injections he had been having for pain relief had “stopped working.” He was starting to rely on strong pain killers for the worst days, but hated the wooziness and side effects. He was cutting back on his time working in the woods because of the pain.

Three children watch as Dave Yeany taps a maple tree.
The physical labor of producing maple left Dave with severe back pain and twisted up posture.

Dave’s main concern was to be able to function long enough to make sure the business was on stable footing for his family to manage without his physical labor.

He agreed to try the methods behind the Brand New Body System by Jesse. We planned to do a few sessions to see if it would help.

After just three treatments, Dave quit taking the strong pain  killers he had been taking for months. He wasn’t completely pain-free but chose to endure the residual pain instead of the adverse effects of the pills. By the fifth treatment, third photo below, he had gained a quarter inch height.

Four photos of Dave Yeany, starting before treatment and after each of three sessions. He stands in front of a grid on the wall so that all of the curves of his back and shoulders are measurable. In each picture, his shoulders and back straighten more.
Dave is taller by a ¼” in the third photo compared to the first one. Notice how his chest popped-out in the fourth photo relative to the first three, as his treatment progressed.

As Dave’s treatment continued, he reported the usual – having more energy, better sleep, and improved balance – but the most important result was being able to walk without hurting.

The next fall, during the busiest time for a maple producer, Dave was back in the woods. It was his most active winter in years.

Dave Yeany in the woods, wearing snowshoes and red plaid, carrying sugaring equipment in his backpack.
Dave Yeany back in the woods in Feb 2022 after treatments successfully improved his posture and back pain.

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