A broken down body makes us feel bad and look older.

When the spine develops excessive curves, you will experience back and neck pain and poor posture. Let’s look at three common points where an aging or injured spine causes problems.

A photograph of a man with an excessively curved back, next to an illustration of a skeleton with vertebra at incorrect angles.
A real-life client of Dr. Jesse came in with mild kyphosis and swayback, causing poor posture and back pain.

Bent neck

The lowest bone of the spine is the first rib. When a broken down body increases strain on the first rib it can no longer support the weight of the head. That’s how we get the characteristic bent over neck associated with aging.

Rounded shoulders

​Rounded shoulders are ​also known as ​kyphosis. ​When an excessive curve of the spine​ occurs in the thoracic spine, it may be called a “hunchback.” If you are told to sit straight and hold good posture to remedy rounded shoulders, you are getting the wrong advice.​ You will learn in the Brand New Body System that good posture does not require muscular effort.


​A normal spine has a gentle curve in the lower back. When the pelvis tilts forward more than it should, the body compensates by increasing the curve in the lower back. It makes your belly protrude and causes back and neck pain.

Any one of these conditions can cause back pain. Put together, they make anyone look old and infirm. In our next article, we will find the fastest, most efficient method of restoring good health and good posture.

You will learn that good posture does not require you to work hard and expend muscular effort. It’s time to get healthier than you ever imagined with the Brand New Body System by Jesse.

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