Publications by Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz

Dr. Jesse is the author of many publications on his research into correcting bodies.

  • “Everybody’s Guide to Unwinding: Your Path to Recovery”
  • “Advanced BioStructural Correction™ Manual I for Correcting Bodies”
  • “Advanced BioStructural Correction™ Manual II for Correcting Bodies”
  • “How and Why ABC Technology Consistently and Predictably Corrects Body Problems”
  • “How to Sit, Sleep and Stand Without Ruining Your Body”
  • “Iatrogenic Subluxation and Increased Disc Pathology in a Patient with L5 Disc as Predicted by Full Spine Biomechanical Analysis”
  • “Changes In Standing And Sitting Spinal Configurations Following Spinal Manipulation: A Case Study”
  • “Biomechanical Analysis of the Spine: An Expanded View at a More Accurate Diagnosis Toward More Effective Treatment”

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