How we relieve scoliosis pain without braces or surgery

Scoliosis is a sideways curve in the spine. Scoliosis causes pain in different ways. Scoliosis sufferers have pain from the abnormal spine structure, which frequently leads to nerve damage in the legs and feet.

There is no cure for scoliosis, but regular treatments can relieve symptoms and keep it from getting worse.

If you are worried about scoliosis pain, disability, and loss of quality of life, a treatment plan to stabilize the spine is essential.

The Brand New Body System by Jesse™ is proven to help scoliosis sufferers reduce painful symptoms. Treatment can also decrease the progression of the spinal curvature.

One secret to help scoliosis is exactly what BNB does best – postural correction. As part of a holistic scoliosis treatment program, postural correction gives the body more strength to prevent further curvature.

If you would like to see how Dr. Jesse’s Advanced BioStructural Correction™ method helped a teenage scoliosis patient, please read about Ariana B.

A young woman in a purple sweater standing in front of a chiropractic grid. Her neck, shoulders, hips, and knees are abnormally tilted against the grid background. Orange dots mark the signs of spinal curvature.
Ariana B., a real life client of Dr. Jeff Saffir, started out with the telltale spinal curvatures of scoliosis. She was suffering with both pain and exhaustion, unable to participate in normal activities.

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