How to get pain free and healthy posture

The Brand New Body System by Jesse starts with the Brand New Body First Rib Maneuver™.

Instantly your shoulders will stay up and back with no effort. You will breathe easier, your nasal passages will be more open, your heart will function better – pumping more blood per beat, and much more. The Brand New Body System by Jesse fixes much more than just your back or neck.

As more bones are restored to their natural positions, a hunched spine becomes straight again – with no muscular effort on your part. People think that is just some hype to get you to buy something.

Well, this was posted by one of my practitioners from France but it happens consistently. Anyone else would be happy with this much improvement after a month of… whatever. Spine straighter, less lean backward, pelvis not thrusted forward and much more you can see on your own.

And that’s not all. It changed and helps everyone. These are pictures from other practitioners using the Brand New Body System by Jesse. The first two pictures are before and after the first time through the Brand New Body System by Jesse protocol. It gets much better after that.

Four side photos of a woman showing the progression from a bent spine and neck to straight posture.
Looking for your own “Fountain of Youth?” Not only did her chronic low back pain go away, but just look at how much better she looks. Notice her neck under her chin. No need for Botox injections or surgery here…just postural correction.

In short:

People are always told that getting good posture requires effort – exercise and holding their shoulders back.

This is completely wrong.

The human skeletal system is designed to hold the body upright. It has a fantastic system of leveraged bone positions. But if just one bone goes out of position in a direction the body cannot self-correct, the leverage starts to break down.

Once the protocols of the Brand New Body System by Jesse™ put that bone back into correct position, the balance and leverage of a natural, healthy body are restored. The aches and pains caused by an imbalance in the skeletal system disappear.

Many people say that what I just wrote is impossible. Here is my answer:

the first rib maneuver

This easy method pops your shoulders back and improves your posture instantly and painlessly. You will feel healthier than you could imagine, with no exercise. This is the natural, at home back pain relief you've been looking for.

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