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Good posture isn't just about appearances. Posture affects hormones and your overall health. The Brand New Body System by Jesse starts with the Brand New Body First Rib Maneuver™, which instantly pops your shoulders back in their correct position.

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What we do

We fix bodies

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Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz, developer of the breakthrough treatment protocol explains how The Brand New Body System by Jesse works.

Dr. Jesse discovered that other treatment methods do not focus on the real problem, which is bones out of place the body can't fix on its own.

His online course will teach you how to correct those bone positions and get you healthier than ever.

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Watch Dr. Jesse demonstrate how and why his Brand New Body System restores effortless good posture naturally, without surgery or drugs. You can get instant pain relief from a painful back at home.

Pain Free

Restore a healthy, natural body without surgery.


Shoulders immediately pop back without effort.


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A broken down body makes us feel bad and look older.

Bent Neck

The lowest bone of the spine is the first rib. When a broken down body increases strain on the first rib it can no longer support the weight of the head. That's how we get the characteristic bent over neck associated with aging.

Rounded Shoulders

Rounded shoulders are also known as kyphosis. When an excessive curve of the spine occurs in the thoracic spine, it may be called a "hunchback." If you are told to sit straight and hold good posture to remedy rounded shoulders, you are getting the wrong advice. You will learn in the Brand New Body System that good posture does not require muscular effort.


A normal spine has a gentle curve in the lower back. When the pelvis tilts forward more than it should, the body compensates by increasing the curve in the lower back. It makes your belly protrude and causes back and neck pain.


Pain free and healthy posture

A Brand New Body starts with the First Rib Maneuver.

Instantly your shoulders will pop back.

As more bones are restored to their natural positions, a hunched spine becomes straight again - with no muscular effort on your part.

About Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz

Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz is known worldwide for his breakthrough body manipulation method – Advanced BioStructural Correction™ .

Trained in mechanical engineering, anatomy, and traditional bone manipulation, Dr. Jesse developed a protocol that succeeds where others fail.

Now, Dr. Jesse is making his technique accessible to everyone with a proven online course. That means you can treat your family and friends with his easy-to-learn methods. 

success stories

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A headshot of a woman standing in front of trees.

karen davies

Professional Golfer

"I always received immediate relief. I noticed very quickly after..that my body was more stable and certainly more balanced. My body had more energy and my golf swing became more efficient!"

A man wearing a cap and plaid jacket in the woods.

Dave yeany

Maple Producer

“I am just thankful about what you do otherwise, with the way my health was going, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to be
back in the woods for my business!”


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the first rib maneuver

This easy method pops your shoulders back and improves your posture instantly and painlessly. You will feel healthier than you could imagine, with no exercise. This is the natural, at home back pain relief you've been looking for.

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